Self Improvement/Character Building

Welcome to Ki-Martial Arts


The benefits of martial arts can be achieved by children and adults alike.   

The mental benefits are as great as the physical gains that one can achieve at
Ki Martial Arts. 

Children will learn discipline and respect for others as well for themselves.  The level of self-confidence will rise as each personal achievement is met.  

We teach and emphasize respect for others, manners and self-discipline all in an environment that is positive, safe and fun. 

Whether your child has been referred by a pediatrician for balance or focus issues, we will instruct, teach and guide your child into an improved state of being.

Upcoming Events 2014

Regular Belt Testing

February 7th & 8th 

April 11th & 12th

June 6th & 7th
August 1st & 2nd
October 10 & 11th
December 5th & 6th

1st Black Belt Testing:
June (Sat)
November (Sat)

2nd & 3rd Black Belt Testing:
July (Sat)
January (Sat)

April 5th (TBA): CMA Tournament

July (TBA): International Tae Kwon Do Tournament

November 2nd (TBA): CMA Tournament

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