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Welcome to Ki-Martial Arts

We are very proud to introduce to you the staff of KI-Martial Arts. Our Head Master, Sin Seok Jeong is a 7th Degree Black Belt and graduated with a Master’s of Science in Martial Arts focusing on Tae Kwon Do and Physical Education. All KI-Martial Arts Instructors are 3rd Degree Black Belts or above and have the highest qualifications.
Our KI-Martial Arts After School/Summer Camp Staff is directed by Melissa Jeong. All of our afterschool staff have graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees in various departments.
Thank you for showing an interest in KI-Martial Arts on behalf of the entire KI-Martial Arts Staff I want to say welcome and hope to see you in class!

Upcoming Events 2014

Regular Belt Testing

February 7th & 8th 

April 11th & 12th

June 6th & 7th
August 1st & 2nd
October 3rd & 4th
December 5th & 6th

1st Black Belt Testing:
June (Sat)
November (Sat)

2nd & 3rd Black Belt Testing:
July (Sat)
January (Sat)

April 5th (TBA): CMA Tournament

July (TBA): International Tae Kwon Do Tournament

November 2nd (TBA): CMA Tournament

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